Cleaning day treasures – live urban prototyping


Cleaning Day is a day of secondhand and urban culture all around Finland. It happens twice a year, and turns streets seconhand markets, where anyone can participate. Cleaning Day Treasures is a groupwork, and part of the “New Media for the Third Sector” course organized in Aalto ARTS Media Lab, and the aim was to do live prototyping for a marketing idea, that could later be implemented into the Cleaning Day mobile app.


During Cleaning Day in May 2013 we went around Helsinki with golden frame to photograph the best treasures with their new owners. We then posted the treasures to Facebook and also asked other people to share their treasures.


My role: I collaborated with Riina Oikari and Susanne Miessner, and we did the whole project together, from concept planning to prop production and the actual live prototyping.